Every Game A Season: or, how I learned to live with losing.

San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres

“Some will win, some will lose – some were born to sing the blues.

Oh the movie never ends –  it goes on and on and on and on.”

 So our last two posts here have been somewhat serious in tone, so I thought to take a break from getting angry at CNN anchors and libertarian bloggers and instead write another post on the relatively lighthearted topic of baseball.

This, however, actually presents a bit of a challenge – for as most who pay attention to baseball probably know, right now is not the grooviest time to be a Giants fan. In short, we’ve been sucking it – inexplicably, consistently, and heartbreakingly sucking it. (Exactly how many times in the past two months have we had bases loaded with not a single run to show for it? Someone out there, I’m sure, knows the precise number.) So here we are, at the bottom of the NL West, while the Dodgers do their Dodgers thing and anyone who wants to believe a team can’t buy a championship is feeling a bit disconcerted. My only comfort is that the Oakland Athletics, which is my number two team that I most enthusiastically love despite their number twoness, are doing pretty well. (And of course, accompanying the increased attention I’ve been giving to the A’s has been the development of corresponding crushes; and Eric Sogard, outperforming by leaps and bounds all of his teammates, has won the prize of my heart – I mean really, I simply cannot resist those glasses. ((And when he takes them off to clean the dust! – I swoon. #Nerdpower!))

Yet it seems a bit silly and spoiled to be complaining in the first place – the Giants have won two out of the last three World Series, so we can afford to suck for a little while much more so than most teams. (Or at least, the fan base can handle the psychological torture more, especially since we specialize in that.) However, I was amongst those poor, sad, ignorant souls who do not watch baseball for the first of those championships, so to me, it feels more like we’ve won just one. And, moreover, the whole experience of becoming a Giants fan last year, in particular, has made this sucking thing a little tricky.

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